In 2016, Michigan’s large metropolitan areas had an average ranking of 63rd out of 161 metro areas nationwide on key economic indicators. This represents a significant improvement in metropolitan area performance since 2011. The performance of Michigan’s large metropolitan areas is now on par with the peer state average, but still trails the “Top Ten” average.           

What It Is: The average ranking of large (300,000+) metropolitan areas in each state as measured by population, GDP, and personal income; and by population, GDP, and personal income growth over a 10-year period.

Why It Matters: Metropolitan areas act as engines of economic growth. Thriving metros indicate a healthy, growing state economy.

Note: North Dakota has no metropolitan areas with 300,000+ population.

Thriving Metropolitan Areas Trends

Thriving Metropolitan Areas Standings

Source: AEG analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Census Bureau data