The percentage of young working-age people in Michigan has increased by 0.8 percentage points since 2013. However, Michigan has the lowest percentage of population age 25–34 among all of its peers and second lowest among all “Top Ten” states.             

What It Is: The percentage of a state's population between the ages of 25 and 34.

Why It Matters: Growth in prime working-age population is an indicator for how well a state attracts and retains workers. This affects a state’s ability to grow, attract businesses, and maintain public infrastructure and programs.

Population Age 25–34 Trends

Population Age 25–34 Standings

Regional Population Age 25–34 Trends

Source: Intercensal Estimates of the Resident Population by Sex and Age for States 2000-2010
Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Selected Age by Sex 2010-2015