Economic output metrics help show how well Michigan’s economy is performing. They reflect the impact of key policies, investments, and leadership at all levels. By tracking major output indicators—employment, income, GDP, and population—over time, analysts can gauge the state’s progress toward prosperity.

Michigan continued to enjoy relatively solid growth in jobs, personal income and productivity during the past year. However, the state’s growth has begun to show signs of slowing, and the absolute levels of most economic measures remained average or below. Michigan can’t afford to become complacent as competitor states and nations continue to drive down costs and add value. 

The Results Michigan Needs

Michigan needs to remain focused, energized and disciplined when it comes to achieving lasting economic results. 

The state’s output indicators continue to remain relatively stable, but they have softened relative to past years. It is more important than ever for Michigan to pursue fresh, bold strategies that help us outperform competitors and become a “Top Ten” leader.

Why is it important to be “Top Ten”? 

“Top Ten” states benefit from more jobs, higher incomes, and healthier economies. If Michigan were performing like a “Top Ten” state today, there would be:

36,000 more Michigan people working

$10,000 more income per person

$12,500 more GDP per person