The rate of out-of-state enrollment at higher education institutions in Michigan was less than half of the “Top Ten” average in 2014 and trailed only California and Texas among peer states. However, Michigan institutions increased their out-of-state enrollment rate almost a full percentage point from 2012 to 2014 mirroring the increase for “Top Ten” average.

What It Is: Percent of first-year undergraduates from out of state.

Why It Matters: This indicates how well higher education institutions are attracting students from out-of-state to provide an infusion of talent and capital. This should be compared with in-state enrollment to ensure that states are maintaining in-state enrollment.

Note: No new update is available in this category. Performance reflects that shown in prior year benchmarking report.

Out-of-State Enrollment Trends

Out-of-State Enrollment Standings

Regional Out-of-State Enrollments

2010-2014 Average Annual Enrollment Change


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Source: National Center for Education Statistics (Residence and Migration of First-Time Degree-Seeking Undergraduates)